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iFoundries Launches New Logo

in News

2017 marks iFoundries' 12th anniversary, commemorating our endeavour in helping companies grow their business with our professional expertise in providing copacetic digital strategies. To celebrate the significance of this milestone, we have embarked on an exciting campaign to revitalize our brand.

This week, we announce the official launch of our new logo!

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The Content Marketing Strategy Your Retail Blog Needs For Better Business

in Inbound Marketing, Social Media, E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SME, Digital Marketing

What does content marketing in a fashion industry look like?

Are you writing about fashion trends that are already fully saturated with information alike online?

Anyone can write anything.
But it's a real challenge creating content that actually gets read; not just by anyone but the ideal buying audience we’re targeting for.

Here’s where content marketing comes in.

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5 Factors Urgently Prompting Local F&B Businesses Towards Internationalisation

in News, SME, Digital Marketing

Every Food & Beverage (F&B) entrepreneur, or aspiring ones ought to know that running a business in Singapore is no walk in the park.

Of 216 food business owners, 48% admitted that they are struggling to stay afloat when interviewed by SPRING Singapore for a study of the F&B landscape in 2015, last year.

It is no secret that our local F&B market is in a turbulent time.
We have witnessed the rise and fall of countless business operations unremittingly, throughout recent years.

Hang in there, our local F&B entrepreneurs.
Things are about to change.

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Blogging for Business: Ultimate Dos And Don'ts Local Retail Brands Should Hop On The Blog-wagon With

in Inbound Marketing, Personalization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SME, Digital Marketing

In earlier marketing days, blogging wasn’t taken very seriously in the business industries. Blogs were never suggested as a primary marketing communication source and were hardly involved in any SEO strategies.

Today, it is pretty obvious that the blogging industry has taken a drastic turn, increasing in huge significance when businesses realise the need to create an online presence unique from the rest.

If you take a look around today, from the largest retail chains to the smallest store brands; the majority have a blog.

Are these retail businesses just living up the hype?
Or is business blogging really essential for investment?

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Is Your F&B Web Design Strategy Keeping Up With Time?

in Web Design, Personalization, SME, Digital Marketing

Ambushed by tons of information online and countless strategical terms marketers have newly coined in attempt to re-brand and re-define what consists a “good web design strategy”, it is no surprise businesses across all industries find themselves right back where they started and as confused as before, after squandering tons of money developing one.

What exactly does it take for a F&B website to be considered highly competitive in latest times? And how far are you keeping up?

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