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Blogging for Business: Ultimate Dos And Don'ts Local Retail Brands Should Hop On The Blog-wagon With

in Inbound Marketing, Personalization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SME, Digital Marketing

In earlier marketing days, blogging wasn’t taken very seriously in the business industries. Blogs were never suggested as a primary marketing communication source and were hardly involved in any SEO strategies.

Today, it is pretty obvious that the blogging industry has taken a drastic turn, increasing in huge significance when businesses realise the need to create an online presence unique from the rest.

If you take a look around today, from the largest retail chains to the smallest store brands; the majority have a blog.

Are these retail businesses just living up the hype?
Or is business blogging really essential for investment?

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Is Your F&B Web Design Strategy Keeping Up With Time?

in Web Design, Personalization, SME, Digital Marketing

Ambushed by tons of information online and countless strategical terms marketers have newly coined in attempt to re-brand and re-define what consists a “good web design strategy”, it is no surprise businesses across all industries find themselves right back where they started and as confused as before, after squandering tons of money developing one.

What exactly does it take for a F&B website to be considered highly competitive in latest times? And how far are you keeping up?

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What We Can Learn From E-Commerce Giant Alibaba on Singles' Day 2016

in E-Commerce, Events

To celebrate the fact that people should be proud of being single, they are encouraged to shop online enticed with huge discounts thrown in every November 11th (known as "Single's Day" or "光棍节"), a concept made popular by China's leading e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Gross merchandise volume (GMV) reached a whopping US$17.79 billion by the end of this year's 1-day event, beating the GMV of US$14.3 billion back in 2015.

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Why Cheap Website Design Can Hurt Your Brand (and Business) So Badly

in Web Design

The ideology of having an 'online presence' no longer suffice in today's highly competitive world. Most businesses have some form of free online presence nowadays: Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Google Business Location Page, you name it.

Business owners should actually be more concerned about how their websites can help them achieve their ultimate business goals. A website is the output of a digital strategy, working alongside with other tactics like traffic generation, conversion optimization and customer retention. Each business requires a different strategy base on their intended objectives.

Don't end up with a disaster after scrimping with a cheap website design.

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Why Do Most Companies in Singapore Struggle with Content Marketing?

in Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing

With fast-changing SEO algorithms Google consistently improvises on to cleverly help searchers get access to only the most relevant and useful information, content is key for any business wanting to succeed in hauling and sustaining visitorship online.

Former SEO strategies that rely heavily on identifying “keywords” and popularity of their searches, are getting increasingly ineffective in drawing traffic- a trend observed, sending marketers all over Singapore into fluster and panic. Generating merely associative or relevant content is no longer enough to draw, impress or even reach an audience, much less the ability to convert them into consumers.

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