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Why Do Most Companies in Singapore Struggle with Content Marketing?

in Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing

With fast-changing SEO algorithms Google consistently improvises on to cleverly help searchers get access to only the most relevant and useful information, content is key for any business wanting to succeed in hauling and sustaining visitorship online.

Former SEO strategies that rely heavily on identifying “keywords” and popularity of their searches, are getting increasingly ineffective in drawing traffic- a trend observed, sending marketers all over Singapore into fluster and panic. Generating merely associative or relevant content is no longer enough to draw, impress or even reach an audience, much less the ability to convert them into consumers.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Challenges You Can Easily Overcome

in Digital Marketing

From the latest "State of Inbound Marketing in 2016" report released by HubSpot, we picked out top 5 digital marketing challenges that were faced by marketers in the South East Asia region and suggest how businesses like yours can overcome them.

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3 Tips to Increase Sales for your E-commerce In The Foreign Market

in E-Commerce

In 2015, e-commerce sales reached $835bn in Asia – a rise of 32% from the previous year.

Having e-commerce means gaining presence nationwide for your product. To take full advantage of that, do note that e-commerce is also a changing game due to customers having different expectations and their differing demographic such as income level.

There are 3 tips to venture into the international market to reach customers who haven't heard about your products and services.   

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How is Inbound Marketing different from Social Media Marketing?

in Inbound Marketing, Social Media

Mobile devices revolve around our lives ­– people use phones and tablets to discover, communicate and shop more than ever. Advertisers spotted the trends and are trying ways to reach out to these digital consumers with the latest modern marketing methods – Inbound Marketing & Social Media Marketing. 

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iFoundries is now a certified HubSpot Agency Partner in Singapore!

in Inbound Marketing, Awards & Accolade, News

iFoundries is honoured to be one of the few digital agencies in Singapore to become a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner. With more than 95% of the team in iFoundries attained HubSpot inbound certification, we can confidently help companies achieve their digital marketing and inbound marketing objectives.

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