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4 Reasons Inbound Marketing Will Help SMEs Prevail in 2018

Posted by Meryl Ann Oh on November 10, 2017

in Inbound Marketing

Want to grow your business this year? Inbound Marketing requires us to revise and adapt our tactics to meet shifts in consumer behaviour. Don't get lost in the digital marketing wave in 2018, keep up.

While business consumers continue to reject traditional marketing strategies, they are ever more interested in gathering information to learn about your products and services before considering a sales purchase- all without all the pressure of a pushy, interruptive sales pitch.

In 2018, marketers will be investing more in inbound efforts, which tracks with the evolving nature of search engines, technology and the customer-centric world we live in today.

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Double Your Retail E-commerce Sales With These 5 Optimisation Tips

Posted by Meryl Ann Oh on October 26, 2017

in E-Commerce

Retail businesses in Singapore can invest any amount of money in paid search campaigns, display advertising or social media, but if you don’t optimise your eCommerce site for converstion, you're not going to get your desired return on the money for these marketing investments.

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How Singapore F&B Businesses Should Leverage Content For Lead Gen

Posted by Meryl Ann Oh on October 03, 2017

in SME, Digital Marketing

It is time for all F&B businesses in Singapore (big and small) to acknowledge that effective digital marketing is necessary to increase restaurant revenue and to get ahead on a profitable market expansion growth path.

In this age of the internet, all buyers are well empowered by research ability.

Traditional lead generation strategies no longer cut it.

"The F&B industry has become increasingly competitive and saturated with the vast array of affordable premium dining options and proliferation of value-priced food franchises.
(Marketing Interactive, 2017)

Lead generation in 2017's F&B industry is about first gaining online visibility, then developing credibility and building ongoing relationships through a bunch of platforms and networks where F&B businesses can reach their target market at. 

At the heart of digital marketing, is content marketing. In the F&B business, content should be usefully applied to promote your restaurant on various digital channels, social networks, website and blog.

What is effective content marketing?

You might have heard the buzz about content marketing and started spending time and money producing content material but are you leveraging them right?

Are you maximising your content's lead generation potential for your F&B business?

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How Singapore’s Retail Industry Can Engage Millennials Effectively

Posted by Meryl Ann Oh on September 07, 2017

in Digital Marketing

Millennials are the most influential demographic in the growing retail industry in Singapore, being the first generation to grow up in this digital world’s explosion of technology.

The Millennials are assertive, internet savvy, purpose-oriented and an online generation that stays inter-connected through varied digital platforms and channels.

Many experts concluded that Millennials are the target consumer to go after in 2017 and beyond.

Marketing to the Millennial is however, a tough sell. This is a generation unlike other, leaving retail marketers all over the world panicking to reinvent clever strategies, desperately finding ways to communicate with this new market.

Increasingly, advertising and marketing companies are tailoring ads to target millennials, hoping to get their attention.

It all boils down to one question today- is your business ready for the Millennials?

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Claiming PIC For Your Website Design Investment in Singapore (2017 Update)

Posted by iFoundries on August 18, 2017

in Web Design, News

Many local SMEs have asked if they can cliam PIC for their new website design and development project. Here's more about how you can utilize the PIC for web design and development investment:

Website Development Costs from YA 2014 to YA 2018

PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme) benefits may be claimed on capital expenditure incurred on developing a website, including costs incurred for the one-time registration of a domain name for the website.

What is PIC?

The PIC scheme was introduced to encourage productivity and innovation activities in Singapore. It provides support to businesses that make investments to improve their productivity.

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