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How Singapore’s Retail Industry Can Engage Millennials Effectively With The Right Digital Strategies

Posted by Meryl Ann Oh on September 07, 2017

in Digital Marketing

Millennials are the most influential demographic in the growing retail industry in Singapore, being the first generation to grow up in this digital world’s explosion of technology.

The Millennials are assertive, internet savvy, purpose-oriented and an online generation that stays inter-connected through varied digital platforms and channels.

Many experts concluded that Millennials are the target consumer to go after in 2017 and beyond.

Marketing to the Millennial is however, a tough sell. This is a generation unlike other, leaving retail marketers all over the world panicking to reinvent clever strategies, desperately finding ways to communicate with this new market.

Increasingly, advertising and marketing companies are tailoring ads to target millennials, hoping to get their attention.

It all boils down to one question today- is your business ready for the Millennials?

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Claiming PIC For Your Website Design Investment in Singapore (2017 Update)

Posted by iFoundries on August 18, 2017

in Web Design, News

Many local SMEs have asked if they can cliam PIC for their new website design and development project. Here's more about how you can utilize the PIC for web design and development investment:

Website Development Costs from YA 2014 to YA 2018

PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme) benefits may be claimed on capital expenditure incurred on developing a website, including costs incurred for the one-time registration of a domain name for the website.

What is PIC?

The PIC scheme was introduced to encourage productivity and innovation activities in Singapore. It provides support to businesses that make investments to improve their productivity.

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5 Unbeatable E-commerce Strategies To Increase Your Retail Outreach & Sales In Singapore

Posted by Meryl Ann Oh on August 04, 2017

in E-Commerce, Digital Marketing

What makes an e-commerce a success?

What exactly does it take for your site to continuously increase outreach to agglomerate a loyal customer base, improving sales in the long term?

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The Most Unforgettable Internship Experience At iFoundries

Posted by Edwin Lau on July 31, 2017

in Insider, Commentary

10 weeks of internship flew by in an instant. The meal times we had, the jokes we shared and the 10 weeks that I took for granted soon came to an end.

I vividly recalled how I first self-sourced my internship at iFoundries… 

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Top Digital Marketing Agencies In Singapore That Are Experts In Inbound Marketing

Posted by Edwin Lau on July 17, 2017

in Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing

Importance of Inbound Marketing

Gone are the days where regular sales tactics and traditional marketing are able to generate huge revenue. Customers now defer to the internet to check reviews, product features and opinions from thought leaders before making an informed decision.

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