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If you have been keeping up, you'd know it has been getting tougher for business owners to obtain adequate capital to finance important aspects like digital marketing for the business. Only half of SMEs were even eligible for financing last year.

Although reports show that there has been some improvement in SMEs' access to necessary capital to finance their business in 2018, there is little to low improvement amongst the number of SMEs who remain ineligible for financing. Poor cash flow and low annual revenue stall their opportunities.

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Are you a digital marketer or business owner reading this? You’ll know the feeling.

You poured your heart and soul and money into a campaign, and did everything on the usual strategy list. 

You’re anticipating good results. A week later, you check the data and to your horror, not again- A LOW CONVERSION RATE. 

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Singapore website design prices
varies by who you chose to work with, and many business owners are always caught in a fix between choosing the most competent vendor and fitting their budget. We hope to provide a different perspective most businesses do not see, especially when being narrow-minded by budget constraints.

A simple yet good looking website can be created for free with platforms like Wix or SquareSpace if you are in the mood for some DIY.

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The lack of alignment between sales and marketing is failing businesses across the globe. So much so, that misalignment is costing businesses, including yours, trillion of dollars per year. Successful companies leverage on marketing and sales alignment to boost their revenues by 30% or more. In this article, we discuss how the EDG (Enterprise Development Grant) is able to help in the growth of SMEs in Singapore by defraying up to 70% of qualifying project costs, and address why we are best positioned to help business owners use this grant to navigate business success through the crucial alignment of their marketing and sales departments.

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Building a strong online presence is crucial to any company looking to sustain a consistent flow of customers. While there are several tips and tricks to improve online branding, combining web analytics with digital marketing is a surefire way to boost sales.

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Students undergo internships for a well-remembered experience and a sneak preview of working life upon graduation. Afterall, schools don't teach every necessary skill for worklife and there are endless interesting hands-on knowledge to be gained from each internship.

School is commencing once again, and we took an opportunity to interview our three interns Elson, Suet Ting and Nikole from Singapore Management University (SMU) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) respectively, who have just ended their stint to share about the reality of their experience and help similar students set expectations on what to take note of before applying for an internship.

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Want to grow your dental practice business this year?

Inbound Marketing requires us to revise and adapt our tactics to meet shifts in consumer behaviour, and is employed by millions of companies around the world. Many international dental practices are now relying on inbound marketing to increase website traffic, boost sales, generate a steady flow of leads and continue to delight loyal customers to become brand advocates.

In this article, we explore why this could be vital to the success of your dental practice in Singapore today.


A customer relationship management (CRM) platform is an important software companies use to manage interactions with their prospects, leads and customers, store information on and automate processes that drive customers through the marketing and sales funnels according to the customer journey.

In the past, companies store physical customer data in files and paper spreadsheets in order to manage and track customers relationships. These manual data storage often lead to missed business opportunities due to its disorganised and time-consuming administration.

In this day, every business needs a CRM in order to strengthen customer relationships, and needless to say, good relationships with customers is the cornerstone of every business. A CRM promises efficiency in the management of customers’ ever shifting of desires and behaviour, hence bolstering revenue when meeting the right expectations of a customer or lead.