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On the 30th of April 2019, Facebook hosted F8, its annual conference where Mark Zuckerberg opened the two-day event with a focused theme that “the future is private” and announced Facebook’s direction in building a more privacy-focused social platform.

There was other news from Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Oculus, and Portal that also released a number of updates.

We picked out 5 highlights for marketers and businesses to note on, stay on the leading edge of social media, and be able to take early advantage of these new changes. Let’s take a look at how Facebook is evolving, and get ourselves ready for future algorithm changes while re-strategizing how we can re-position our business on these social networks.


5 Important Announcements From Facebook's F8 Conference

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1. Facebook & Messenger

Facebook has plans to bring Messenger, its popular private messaging app to have a desktop software component. It made the announcement that later this year that Messenger will be available on both Mac and Windows.

Facebook is also introducing a "New Business Solutions" for the Messenger platform, for businesses to generate leads, drive in-store traffic and provide customer care. They have added a lead generation template directly into Ads Manager. Prospects will be able to input their details and other information easily through an automated question and answer flow within Messenger.

Also, a new appointment booking interface within the Messenger Platform API that can be integrated with a business' calendar system is available, to provide customers with the most up-to-date appointment availabilities on Facebook bookings. The appointment booking functionality will be ready later this year.

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A faster, lighter more refreshing messenger will also be rolled out later this year. On iOS, it is redesigned to take up less space on your phone; the new version will be under 30MB, about 20 percent of its current size.

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2. Instagram

Instagram will soon be introducing the ability for creators to tag products in their posts, users can now shop for their favourite clothes and similar styles directly on the platform without having to leave Instagram. This functionality provides a new way for brands and creators to reach people who are inspired by their looks and are looking for recommendations. By tapping on a creator's shopping post, a user can learn all about the product and check out conveniently on Instagram itself.

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Instagram as a reputation of being an artistic creativity outlet, this year it is updating the camera interface and adding a new "Create Mode,” that gives users access to new effects, filters, and stickers. It boosts the creator's abilities to create new content that is individualistic. With the expanded feature of people being able to buy products inside the app, we forsee markets increasing in competitiveness by larger margins, but also new bursts of creativity, entrepreneurship, and ideas.

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 3. Whatsapp for Business

WhatsApp is definitely a huge touchpoint when people and businesses connect in this day. Whatsapp for business is introducing catalogues that will enable users to continue chatting seamlessly with firms via the app to browse product catalogues without leaving the platform.

Facebook said the service was aimed at small businesses who may not have a website.Image result for whatsapp for business facebookimage: Phone arena

4. Facebook Dating & Secret Crush

Facebook's dating function is announced to expand to 14 more countries. A new feature called "Secret Crush" allows users to create a secret list of Facebook friends they are interested in dating. Then users will be connected and matched with these love interests if they are also using Secret Crush and also added them to their list. Facebook will notify both parties when there's a match! Otherwise, the interest will remain secret.

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 Source: Business Insider

5. Workplace by Facebook

The Workplace experience will be refreshed over the next few months as Facebook revises the platform to make it easier for people to connect, collaborate and essentially, get work done. There will be new design features that improve work productivity and efficiency and businesses who are current Workplace subscribers will be able to experience the new redesign first.

Workplace today, has grown into an eminent collaboration platform where international companies can come together despite their distant locations. Premium communities can now move to the workplace.com domain from facebook.com to get on with the new and improved online work experience.

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