7 Key Findings You Need To Know From APAC Digital Directions Report 2015

7 Key Findings You Need To Know From APAC Digital Directions Report 2015

This new research conducted by Adobe in partnership with CMO Council, analysed strategies, mandates, and challenges from 648 survey respondents in Australia, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. If you do not have time to read through 56 pages of the report, we have picked up some key findings that you need to know!


Top Challenges To Digital Execution In APAC

  1. Budget limitations
  2. Limited digital agency capabilities, knowledge or experience
  3. Making a business case for digital spend
  4. Rapid pace of change
  5. Identifying the right platforms to power digital marketing strategies

Top Digital Priorities For 2015

  1. Strengthen digital content strategy
  2. Social media optimization
  3. Richer, deeper customer profiling and insights
  4. Higher levels of customer engagement
  5. Improving functionality of website

Looking Forward: What Will Marketers Conquer Next?

  • Digital transformation is no longer a far-off idea that marketers can prepare for.
  • Asia-Pacific marketers are in a full sprint, looking to not only catch the leaders in the region like Australia, Singapore and India, but also to close the proficiency gap between Asia and advanced digital markets like North America and Europe.
  • Data, personalization and cross-channel experiences are the table stakes of the customer experience.

Below are insights from the commentary by Hisamichi Kinomoto, Vice President of Marketing, Japan and Asia-Pacific, Adobe

  • Confidence in the value of digital marketing continues to grow even as the region's marketers struggle to validate performance and build a business case for higher investment.
  • APAC’s marketers are still largely focused on single-vector metrics that measure past success or single points of campaign performance. Typically, they are not measuring impact on harder business metrics, such as sales pipeline measurement or customer lifetime value.
  • Is this continued reliance on rear-vision, basic metrics driven by familiarity and reliance on them by both marketing and business leaders? Is it due to the absence of integrated, organisation-wide business processes to track progress? Is it the lack of the software and technology to make sense of the data and to deliver the actionable insights needed to build a business case for more dramatic change? Or do they simply not have the right skill sets-either within the marketing department or digital agencies-to drive the transformation?
  • This report reveals that it's probably a combination of all these issues that is holding back many of Asia-Pacific's marketers while their early-adopter peers in the region advance their digital presence and prowess at a rapid rate as marketers in North America and Europe continue to explore new horizons.
  • With the right strategy, process, tools and people, the power of digital can be unlocked and applied.
  • It's time for Asia-Pacific's business leaders to step forward to become digital visionaries for their organisations and create the climate needed for this transformation to take place.

Some Key Statistics To Note

In their response to the question of "What measures and metrics are you using to evaluate the performance of digital marketing programs?"

  • More than 65% responded on "Conversion rates" and "Response rates".

In their response to the question of "What are the most important ways that your current digital marketing programs have benefited or improved your business?"

  • 66% -> Enable continuous touchpoints and engagement opportunities with customers
  • 47% -> Acquire, convert and retain customers more cost-effectively
  • 42% -> Provide knowledge and insight for better targeting and response
  • 41% -> Further loyalty and brand affinity

In their response to the question of "What percentage of your total marketing budget do you expect to spend on digital marketing in the next 12 months (including search, either digital direct or email marketing, website, social media, e-commerce, e-retail, etc.)?"

  • 37% ->10-24 percent of total marketing budget
  • 30% -> 25-49 percent of total marketing budget


To download the report, please visit http://offers.adobe.com/en/au_nz/marketing/landings/apac_digital_directions_2015.html


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