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Are you experiencing the same work email troubles as Bob?

Bob, a regular Singaporean office worker attends to important, time sensitive emails daily. There have been a couple of times Bob missed a reply or two, facing angry retorts and disgruntlement from his work clients, much to the disapproval of his bosses.

In daily apprehension, Bob scans through the throngs of cluttered email spam he receives first thing in the morning, refreshing them every chance he’s got, in constant worry of missing a particularly urgent one. Bob’s greatest nemesis are bugs and spams, they can be extremely relentless. Too often, there will be new phishings, malwares, ransomwares and viruses. Waiting for updates always end up too late.

Bob’s overall work productivity is affected more drastically than he or his bosses expect, causing him extra downtime overspilling into after working hours just to get settled with emails work matters.

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So, you decided to start a small business teaching a skill through a series of classes and programs, or do you own a gym?

Whether it is in the artistic, beauty, fitness, health or educational sector, your classes may be imparting great expertises, but is your marketing shoving it into the spotlight it deserves? Are you having trouble racking up a good attendance?

Well, we acknowledge that businesses hosting in-person classes face tough competition due to the mass number of virtual classes people can take up online. However, if your classes are empty, it is most likely that your marketing and sales strategy is the cause of blame.

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A marketing team doesn't have to be richer, smarter or more creative to produce better results, achieving greater ROI.

What they really need, is to have the right marketing tools.

What we're talking about in 2018 today, is marketing automation.

In this article, we are going to define, explore and evaluate how essential the abilities and functions of marketing automation are, allowing companies to execute marketing campaigns to produce more effective, accurate and empowered results throughout all stages of the sales funnel, resulting in profitable lead generation and hence higher revenue growth.

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Digital marketing is ever progressing and evolving. Constant change is only one thing we can count on and expect.

Businesses in Singapore that triumph and succeed are those that pay close attention to internet and marketing trends, then react by quickly strategising and adapting, tweaking and optimising marketing campaigns intelligibly for increased exposure and revenue.

Here are our top 5 most read articles from 2017 that we think businesses could use as a good recap, while embarking on a new exciting digital journey in 2018.

Sci-fi Writers and Movie Directors Are The Greatest Innovators Of Technology

Most people are often looking for new year prediction articles during this period of time so they can prepare their business for what lies ahead.

Looking at the tech inventions that are starting to make big impact to our lives lately: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Voice Control and Robotics. Most of these ideas were already showcased in movies and novels more than a decade ago.

The tech giants and startups alike, were merely turning these movie scenes into reality.

5 Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies SMEs Should Pick Up On ASAP

Facebook is the largest social media platform online internationally today. According to its website, Facebook has over 2 billion active users.

Trust us when we say Facebook Ads are going to drive more leads for your business this year than any other paid channel. However, you'll need the right strategies and expert managing.

Facebook's success is due to its unrivaled targeting potential and aptitude. No other paid advertising platform or channel allows you to advertise and target your marketing messages to specific demographics.

7 Tips To Creating A Successful Holiday Promotion In Singapore

The holiday season is an exciting time for businesses in Singapore, customers everywhere are in the spirit to purchase and will be actively seeking out information on their buys. Needless to say, holiday promotions are rolling out crazily, advertisements promising the best deals are at every corner online and offline. While business opportunities are at their biggest and heaviest this season, so is competition.

Business owners in Singapore find themselves asking these common questions:

  • Is a holiday marketing campaign really worth the effort?
  • How do I make my offers and promotions stand out among the 'holiday noise'?
  • We're only used to having banners and posters or TV ads for holiday sale advertisements, how do I successfully leverage digital marketing this year?

4 Reasons Inbound Marketing Will Help SMEs Prevail in 2018

Want to grow your business this year? Inbound Marketing requires us to revise and adapt our tactics to meet shifts in consumer behaviour. Don't get lost in the digital marketing wave in 2018, keep up.

While business consumers continue to reject traditional marketing strategies, they are ever more interested in gathering information to learn about your products and services before considering a sales purchase- all without all the pressure of a pushy, interruptive sales pitch.

In 2018, marketers will be investing more in inbound efforts, which tracks with the evolving nature of search engines, technology and the customer-centric world we live in today.