10 weeks of internship flew by in an instant. The meal times we had, the jokes we shared and the 10 weeks that I took for granted soon came to an end. I vividly recalled how I first self-sourced my internship at iFoundries… 

At Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU), as a marketing major student, we focused on marketing fundamentals and strategies. I took on a digital marketing module (which was recently introduced) and that was my first brush with digital marketing.  It was an introductory course which exposed me to digital marketing jargons like SEO, SEM and concepts such as the DATA approach and Roger & Pepper’s 5 ‘I’s. I was really interested about inbound marketing; it was the new buzz in the digital marketing landscape, and I believe it will be playing an increasingly important role in the digital sphere. I felt that digital marketing was one of the many ways to connect with customers around the world and sought to learn more about it. Unfortunately there were no further digital marketing courses that NTU could offer. Inbound marketing was considered too specialized. Undeterred, I look into digital marketing agencies (particularly Hubspot) for any potential internship to further broaden my horizon and to decide if I wanted digital marketing to be a part of my life.

Top Inbound Marketing Agencies In Singapore

Importance of Inbound Marketing

Gone are the days where regular sales tactics and traditional marketing are able to generate huge revenue. Customers now defer to the internet to check reviews, product features and opinions from thought leaders before making an informed decision.

Inbound Marketing is about creating useful and informative content to educate your customer about their pain points and helping them in their thought process, without introducing your product or service at all.  The aim is to establish trust and reliability in the eyes of your customers. Only after your customers are fully informed and ready to make a decision, you introduce your product or service to them and how it addresses their pain points better than others.

Ever felt like you are not getting any attention on Facebook?  

Even after trying different social media platforms, even after improving content or reposting interesting content? 

You are not the only one, trust me.

79% of marketers say it is a major challenge to get people's attention. (Zmags, 2015)

According to a study backed by Microsoft Corporation, the attention span of humans has supposedly fall from 12 seconds in 2002 to only eight seconds in 2013, which is a second shorter than a goldfish.

How then, can we cut through all the noise and stand out on social media?

How To Embrace E-Commerce

Many local businesses in the retail sector I've spoken to think too superficially when adopting e-commerce for their business, even after reading news after news on how the retail sector is being heavily disrupted by e-commerce.

Adopting a proper digital strategy to continue growing your retail business is at the very least, having an e-commerce website. This can be done easily, sign up on Shopify or something similar, buy a template or hire a freelancer to help you set it up and viola- you have an e-commerce store. You can also aggregate your online sales on marketplaces like Qoo10 or TaoBao.

3 Ways Inbound Marketing Gives F&B SMEs A Formidable Upperhand

With digitization being today's cardinal driving force across all industries, the access to consumers' heart and dollars has entirely shifted to online platforms. Our local Food and beverage (F&B) SMEs have been striving to build their reputation and brand aggressively online, over the past years. However, with limited cash and resources, SMEs do not have the marketing spending power their more established industry competitors have.

F&B digital marketing can be daunting for these owners, especially in a time-consuming and labor intensive industry, now peaking in competition due to a large number of entrants from abroad. Undoubtedly, it is easy to get confused in the myraid of digital strategies and all the e-commerce buzz that have been going around incessantly.  However, if done right, digital marketing can bring many customers to F&B SMEs in a large steady stream, escalating them to their next level business growth.

5 Retail Trends Our Local Businesses Need

Retail in Singapore isn’t getting any easier. Store rental costs have continued to rise steadily since the past 2 years, much to the dismay of many homegrown retailers and budding entrepreneurs. Despite, our retailers are not going down without a fight. Active measures have been taken to respond to the depressed retail market with a great shift in focus to e-commerce platforms.There has also been a noticeable boost in customer engagement both in-store and online amongst retail brands here.

Today, we list you 5 retail trends businesses in Singapore (big or small) need to urgently grasp and implement this year.

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Being a great sales person or marketer calls for a good understanding of how and why people think and act the way they do. This attribute is however, wastedly neglected today. Proper application of consumer psychology (marketing heuristics) can make or break your business.

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Content marketing VS SEO, and the debate goes on.

Marketing companies all over Singapore are going through a bulk of confusion over this.

Are they two very different things? Are they at odds with each other? So are we to be prioritising one before another?

Today, we are here to debunk all myths.