The proliferation of social media does not signal the end but will serve to enhance Web sites built specifically for campaign purposes in companies' digital marketing strategies today. These sites provide focused content and context, and social networks play a key role in building customer buzz and chatter, experts point out.

Vary Yong, director of Singapore-based Web development company iFoundries, said supplementary Web sites designed specifically for marketing or promotional campaigns, for instance, microsites for events, sweepstake, game or questionnaires, were seeing fewer requests from enterprise clients compared to other services such as custom Web applications.

The cost savings from setting up marketing campaigns on free social media platforms are enticing to businesses, Yong told ZDNet Asia in an e-mail. It may also be easier for marketers to administer or moderate a Facebook profile page compared to a campaign site, he added.

By , ZDNet Asia on August 23, 2011

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