How Singapore F&B Businesses Should Leverage Content For Lead Generation

How Singapore F&B Businesses Should Leverage Content For Lead Generation

It is time for all F&B businesses in Singapore (big and small) to acknowledge that effective digital marketing is necessary to increase restaurant revenue and to get ahead on a profitable market expansion growth path.

In this age of the internet, all buyers are well empowered by research ability.

Traditional lead generation strategies no longer cut it.


"The F&B industry has become increasingly competitive and saturated with the vast array of affordable premium dining options and proliferation of value-priced food franchises.

(Marketing Interactive, 2017)


Lead generation in 2017's F&B industry is about first gaining online visibility, then developing credibility and building ongoing relationships through a bunch of platforms and networks where F&B businesses can reach their target market at. 

At the heart of digital marketing, is content marketing. In the F&B business, content should be usefully applied to promote your restaurant on various digital channels, social networks, website and blog. What is effective content marketing? You might have heard the buzz about content marketing and started spending time and money producing content material but are you leveraging them right?

Are you maximising your content's lead generation potential for your F&B business?

How Singapore F&B Businesses Should Leverage Content For Lead Gen


3 Ways F&B Businesses In Singapore Can Leverage Content To Fuel Lead Generation In The Highest Degree


1. Crafting Branded Content That Differentiates You From Your Competitors

Branded content is described by industry insiders as “the practicing of investing in compelling content, whether to inform or entertain, that as a result is able to create an immersive experience for the consumer"

How Singapore F&B Businesses Should Leverage Content For Lead Gen Branded content enables consumers to align themselves with the lifestyle and belief system that an F&B company represents.

With the rise of content marketing strategies, content materials in the F&B industry are dime a dozen.

If you’re looking to generate leads through content marketing, you need to have content that is unique to your F&B brand that differentiates you.

What makes your restaurant brand so special that it deserves attention?

Cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd, use creative ways to tell your restaurant's story, reach out to the emotional appeal of your target audience with an original touch. Set yourself apart from your competitors in the F&B industry.



2. Leveraging Interactive Content 

According to Content Marketing Institute latest research, nearly half (46%) of marketers surveyed are using interactive content. Their top reason for doing so? Engagement – followed by educating the audience, creating brand awareness, and lead generation.

How Singapore F&B Businesses Should Leverage Content For Lead GenHere are some digital marketing examples your restaurant can take measures to leverage your interactive content:

  • Presence on YouTube
  • Podcast
  • Article on blog
  • Shareable content on social media, nudge customers to get into the action and spread the word through their own social networks
  • Video marketing
  • Influencer marketing content
  • Free content for subscribers and customers
  • Highlight customer reviews and testimonials as social proof on your website and network channels
  • Reward customers that show active interaction

“It’s only going to get more crowded with interactive content out there,”... “If you’re a large business, know that smaller businesses can and will start to provide these experiences, too. If you’re a small business, know that you can compete with some of your larger competitors.

However, the only way you will succeed is by creating an interesting experience that could only come from you – not by copying someone else.”

(Content Marketing Institute, 2017)

45 Engaging Examples Of Interactive Storytelling In Content Marketing (Hubspot)




3. Producing Precise And Targeted Content

How Singapore F&B Businesses Should Leverage Content For Lead GenContent is only considered amazing, when crafted with precise targeting appealing to a very specific F&B consumer group. It doesnt end here, strategical dissemination of the content plays an equal role in the success of lead generation.


A. Precise audience targeting through thorough market understanding and research

You need to know who are your customers. Conduct researches online and offline (in your restaurant). Get customers to fill our survey questions.

Here are some questions you should be surveying your customers to find out:

  • Which social media channels do they visit?
  • How often do they access these channels?
  • What key words do they use on search engines?
  • Do they follow any food bloggers? Whose recommendations do they trust?
  • What are their average dining budgets like?
  • Who makes the recommendation or books the restaurant? (Entrepreneur, 2017)


B. Content should be provided to the right visitors, at the right time, via the right social networks and channels.

How do you achieve that? Inbound Marketing is the proven strategical method that transforms the way you can reach our to your prospects.

To learn more on inbound marketing, download our (advanced) inbound marketing eBook here.

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C: Addressing a target group's pain points, provide insight into their specific needs and wants

To generate qualified leads that effectively convert into prospects and eventually sales, your content needs to provide value to your visitors.


D: Optimise your conversion rate

How? Read our previous article, 7 Digital Marketing Rules To Turn Your Online Business Into A Lead Gen Machine to learn in detail.


E: Delve deep into specific topics, go niche and narrow into them

While it may seem easier and more lucrative to cast a wide net with broad ranged content that appeals to a mass, general audience, it is proven that the reverse is conversely true.The more targeted and niche the content, the higher quality leads you'll get with significantly better content marketing results.

Perfecting your content marketing strategy for efficient lead generation is a continuous process.

F&B businesses will need to nurture collected leads and move them through the buyer's journey and sales funnel with different content material, using tips mentioned in this article.

Use every piece of content as an opportunity to build trust with your audience. The main goal is to present yourself in authoritative position, and establish credibility in the vastly competitive F&B industry.


Always be analysing your data on how your content can improve. Measure every content marketing result to do more of what works, abolishing what doesn't. Your efforts demand consistency.

Apart from content marketing, a crucial digital marketing strategy for F&B businesses to stay on top of their game is SEO.


Be easy to find online. It defeats every purpose if you put in all the effort into designing a brand with spectacular content and offers, but not easily found or searchable on the web.

So, what are the SEO rules you need to be following?


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