Singapore Public Servants Have No Internet by 2017 - Be Mobile Friendly!

Singapore Public Servants Have No Internet by 2017 - Be Mobile Friendly!

You have heard it, the trending news about the government restriction on the internet by May 2017, leaving more than 100,000 public civil servants with no choice but to use their own devices (Mobile, Tablets, etc.) or agency-provided devices for internet usage. This ban emphasizes the ever importance to keep your website mobile friendly.

So, let's get started on the importance and a few tips of Website Optimization on Mobile/Tablet devices.

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Massive Business Opportunity With Mobile Website:

Already more than 74% of Singapore searches are from mobile devices.

Your customers might be able to discover you while doing their searches, your advertisement through all the media, but imagine them entering your website through their mobile with small text that is hard to read. This experience can be frustrating for mobile users who are trying to understand your product offerings and services.

Imagine a large pool of potential customers, turning to other business owners with websites that can provide them with clearer and responsive information with just a device away.

How To Check If Your Web Page Is Mobile Friendly?:

Fortunately, Google has provided a useful tool to check whether your site is mobile-friendly with Mobile-friendly Test Tool (click here: Mobile Friendly Test Tool). 

Step 1: Simply enter your web page URL


Step 2: Check your results

If your result receives a green light, congratulation!

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However, if you get a red warning indication, do not fret. There are a few tips on how you can improve on for your web page. 

MAIN REASON WHY Your Website Should Be Mobile Optimized:

It helps to improve your Search ranking on Google Browsers.

According to Google announcement, from April 2015 onwards, Mobile optimized website will improve your search ranking significantly.

Google has massive searchers and consumers searching for all kinds of products relating to their needs. To ensure users consistently get relevant, and high-quality search results, Google would require your website to be mobile optimized to have a significant chance of being discovered on the FIRST few pages. 

And for that to happen, Google needs a mobile ready website.

In addition to that, Loren Shuster, the Director of Google's Singapore and Emerging Markets, gave his insights on why businesses in Singapore needs to start optimizing their websites to be accessible on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in this article: Businesses need to create a mobile-optimised website if yet to do so. 

SOLUTION: Convert Website To Mobile Friendly 

Now, if you realised that your website is not mobile friendly, do take a look at the guide by google to make your website mobile friendly:

(Click here: Google guide on Mobile-friendly websites)

The fastest workable method to transform mobile customers into yours, is to contact our iFoundries efficient team to assist you. 

Give your visitors a rewarding experience surfing your website with Website optimization.

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