Pokèmon Go – What Can Singapore F&B and Retailers learn?

Pokèmon Go – What Can Singapore F&B and Retailers learn?

Local businesses are gaining more foot traffic – hence gaining exposure and sales, thanks to Pokèmon Go as players dash to their shops to capture virtual Pokemon creatures.


First things first, what is Pokemon GO?

For anyone of us who aren’t immersed in Pokèmon Go yet, here is a helpful summary of how the game works.

Pokèmon Go is a mobile game with augmented reality features that brings mobile gaming to a whole new level. Players have to physically travel to different locations to catch Pokemon or gather rewards.

To get started, players need to turn on the camera function on their mobile device. Once they spotted any Pokèmon, users have to swipe at the pokemon to capture them.

And that’s it, you can travel all over the world to catch more unique pokemon creatures, which is a perfect excuse to pack your lugagge and venture the world when Pokèmon is here. – Man quits job to catch pokemon  

What's in store for local business owners? – gain more exposure

The future of Pokemon Go will include sponsored location – which means that owners can create a Pokestation at their shop which will lure Pokemon trainers to get free Poke incentives (e.g. Pokeballs or eggs). This method will encourage people to hang out around your shops and notice your products, and if they like your services, they would purchase items from you too. 

According to Jason Evangelho, "Local establishments that aren't currently listed in the game as Gyms or Pokestops could potentially be added – and this is crucial right now for the player base and sustainability of the game in rural areas where these locations are sorely lacking."

pokemon drinks

Credit: A restaurant created creative Pokèmon theme

Conclusions: With this system in place, even cornered places in Singapore can be discoverable, as enthusiastic pokemon trainers will venture into these locations for pokemons. 

3 platforms Pokèmon Go can work for your business

One important takeaway about this trend is that Mobile platforms are constantly revolutionizing. This revolution begot consumers to change the way they purchase and behave towards products.

This rising trend in incorporating Pokemon Go in the business model, would benefit smaller F&B establishments or retail stores more. 

Take a walk down the streets of America and Europe with us; – let’s spot some of the staggering advertising methods those F&B business owners are using to tap into the Pokemon Go fever.

1) Street banners

bannerCredit: Forbe – A vintage clothing retail shop lures people with Pokèmon's pokestop.  

Just look at the street banner set up by a vintage fashion retail shop, the banner states:

“PokeStop inside! Come get your pokeballs and previously rocked threads! Gotta Catch EM’ All in style!”

Apart from enticing with pokestop, this adorable Pikachu doodle will definitely uplift any passersby's mood.

2) Facebook Event


Credit: Coolhaus

Here’s another Pokemon strategy by a F&B shop, who have created a Facebook event, listing all the attractions for the special occasion:

  • Offers a bunch of lures, monuments, and gyms at their shop during their Happy Hour on Wednesday
  • Extra cookie when you show a picture of a Pokemon you have caught outside their shop
  • Discounted ice cream scoop


3) Website 


Credit: Grocery shops – County Market (United States)

By doing this, they can secure a wider reach spread for their brand and Pokemon promotions, 24/7.

Hence, creating a website and a good Google presence for your business are platforms that draw in more traffic than banners. A website and SEO is just like having a salesman to do advertising for you for 7 days weekly.

Before you spring into action to create a website for your company branding, take the first step to understand some statistics report in Singapore which iFoundries have interpreted and simplified.

Here’s why Singapore is the ultimate place to set up a website for retailers and F&B business

Even though Pokemon may be a fad, which can last for a month, a year or more, do not be afraid and quickly invest into them to maximise the initial exposure. Your customers may remember you better by associating yourself with Pokemon.

Now you should understand why, by not setting up a website for company, you are at the losing end of the business.


So, are you ready for Pokemon Go?

Develop your website and create worldwide-liked reach to tell your customers and followers that you have Pokestop at your shop on your website!

Websites are not flyers or banners. They are here to help your business to drive more traffic leads and sales! Learn how, by simply downloading the Ebook below! 

  Gotta catch 'em all! Pikachu can't wait to arrive at your store!  

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Other than a website, do not forget about SEO – the digital strategy to get strangers and potential customers to click onto your brand while searching for something in their mind. Get started to learn about the Top 10 SEO mistakes should avoid so you will not lose unnecessary costs and customers while setting up your website.

Be ready to pounce onto this opportunity to drive customers into your shop and gain significant awareness for your brand!