Step-by-step Guide Digital Marketing Agencies Use To Stand Out And Attract Attention On Social Media

Step-by-step Guide Digital Marketing Agencies Use To Stand Out And Attract Attention On Social Media

Ever felt like you are not getting any attention on Facebook?

Even after trying different social media platforms, even after improving content or reposting interesting content?

You are not the only one, trust me.

79% of marketers say it is a major challenge to get people's attention. (Zmags, 2015)

According to a study backed by Microsoft Corporation, the attention span of humans has supposedly fall from 12 seconds in 2002 to only eight seconds in 2013, which is a second shorter than a goldfish.

How then, can we cut through all the noise and stand out on social media?

How Can Digital Marketers Attract The Attention Of Users On Social Media?

Today, I'm going to share with you a little trick we, at iFoundries, use to catch the eye of our readers on our social media platforms using our digital marketing technique. While this does not substitute good content, it can at least help you on the first step to get potential users to click into your content.

And you don't have to be a graphic designer or a digital marketer to be able to do this. 

Introducing... Social Media Marketing Display Aid (7Min) 

If done right, this digital marketing technique will take you under 5minutes to complete in 3 simple steps. 

The trick is simple: Instead of putting an image thumbnail, we use a single line to catch the attention of our reader. It can be a quote, a statistical statement or simply an observation. For example:

Step-by-step Guide Digital Marketing Agencies Use

While an image thumbnail may look appealing, a one statistic or quote, if done right, strikes straight to the heart of your audience and gives you a better chance of eliciting a click from them. 

Here's how you can deploy this digital marketing technique.

Step 1: Signing up for Canva & Choosing your Layouts

While a simple tool such as Microsoft Powerpoint will be able to accomplish this task easily, I recommend using Canva

After you sign up for an account at Canva, you will be redirected to the dashboard, which you can select a layout and format. In this case, I chose the Facebook post. If you are using it for other social networks, you can click "More..." at the right side of the row. 

Step-by-step Guide Digital Marketing Agencies Use

The reason why I chose Canva is because it has layouts that are already customized for social media posts. This way, I do not have to be concerned if there would be resolution or sizing problems as compared to using Powerpoint.  

Once you have selected Facebook Post, you will be taken to a blank template, where you can chose the layout you want.  

Step 2: Choosing a Background 

For me, I wanted a simple plain background color to go with my text. So I clicked 'background' as shown below.  

Step-by-step Guide Digital Marketing Agencies Use

Remember: The focus here is not the background, but the words itself. Yes, I know it is tempting given the beautiful pre-made designs they have available.  

I chose light grey. Next, I clicked the 'text' tab to write in the words I want.  

Step-by-step Guide Digital Marketing Agencies Use

Step 3: Selecting a Text-Font and Decorating

Here, you can chose the more interesting line you think would be the most attracting to your intended readers. Then you can scroll down to see the text font that you like best. 

Step-by-step Guide Digital Marketing Agencies Use

Next, I searched the word "Megaphone" in the search bar. Canva has icons that are available for you. Be careful, some of them are not free. Look out for the 'free' tag and confirm that the icon of your choice is free.

Step-by-step Guide Digital Marketing Agencies Use

And Voila! You are almost done. The font size I recommend is 44, but you can tinker with the size and color to see which suits you best. 

The last step is to add the company logo. Click the ‘upload’ tab and upload your company logo. Adjust the logo accordingly.

Step-by-step Guide Digital Marketing Agencies Use

As you place your logo in place, you should consider your company guidelines regarding infographics and logo position and font size. When you are done, click download and save the file. Now you can schedule it in your various social media platforms that you own.

In a nutshell...

As it gets increasingly challenging to attract attention of your audience, digital marketers struggle with the limited digital marketing techniques at their disposal. Therefore, we introduced this 3 step digital marketing technique for you to use to improve your social media engagement and click-through rate. 

This infographic basically summarizes the why and how you should use this digital marketing technique.

Step-by-step Guide Digital Marketing Agencies Use


Every social media marketer wants more attention.

Nowadays, users are constantly flooded with advertisement and messages on their news feed. Moreover, humans have a shorter attention span than goldfishes.

Therefore, it is important that our message is able to cut through all the noise.

Among other things, iFoundries used this digitial marketing technique to communicate the most important message to our readers and help them decide if they want to click on. It is simple yet captures the attention of our followers.

Hopefully, this will help you as much as it did for me. 

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About the Author: A 2nd year Business Marketing undergrad from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Edwin found his passion and interest in digital marketing after a study module in school. IFoundries is proud to have Edwin as an intern gaining valuable experience alongside, toward the path of a very bright future.