Top 5 Most Read Posts In 2017 (a quick catch up on what you might have missed)

Top 5 Most Read Posts In 2017 (a quick catch up on what you might have missed)

Digital marketing is ever progressing and evolving. Constant change is only one thing we can count on and expect.

Businesses in Singapore that triumph and succeed are those that pay close attention to internet and marketing trends, then react by quickly strategising and adapting, tweaking and optimising marketing campaigns intelligibly for increased exposure and revenue.

Here are our top 5 most read articles from 2017 that we think businesses could use as a good recap, while embarking on a new exciting digital journey in 2018.

2017 was a monumental but challenging year for businesses. Emerging technologies such as deep machine learning, augmented reality, voice control and robotics are evolving the digital marketing landscape.

If you want to belong to the new age marketing group, you need to have an eye on the latest trends and sleeve it into your business' marketing strategies complementarily and seamlessly.

That's not an easy task but that's what we are here for- as specialists in digital marketing, we have the expertise in each of the various disciplines necessary to deliver high performing campaigns.

What are the digital marketing aspects your business is strategising to focus on in 2018?

Check out the statistical data on what most businesses will be priortising this year.

2018-digital-marketing-trends-research Top 5 Most Read Posts In 2017 (a quick catch up on what you might have missed) (Smart Insight, 2018)


1. 7 Pressing E-commerce Trends Every Retailers Should Know In 2017

ecommerce8 Top 5 Most Read Posts In 2017 (a quick catch up on what you might have missed)


E-commerce (maintaining as world's top business model) has become a must for any retailer wanting to secure a foothold in the market. With leading retailers progressively reshaping the e-commerce market, customers are harder to win over and retain than ever before.

E-commerce trends are constantly shifting. Habits that excelled last year might fall short now, and with advancements in technology and the competitive nature of the business, you don't want to resist change – you want to embrace it (Business News Daily, 2018).

If you can tell a lot about a society by the state of it’s buildings, the growing number of dilapitated malls and boarded up store fronts are no subtle indication of what’s becoming known as the retail apocalypse (Brandwatch, 2018).

Find out and start practicising these 7 pressing e-commerce trends that are very much in practice currently, since having taken evey industry by storm last year.

2. How Singapore F&B Businesses Should Leverage Content For Lead Generation Demand

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It is time for all F&B businessesin Singapore (big and small) to acknowledge that effective digital marketing is necessary to increase restaurant revenue and to get ahead on a profitable market expansion growth path.

Lead generation in 2017's F&B industry is about first gaining online visibility, then developing credibility and building ongoing relationships through a bunch of platforms and networks where F&B businesses can reach their target market at.

You might have heard the buzz about content marketing and have started some efforts on it. However, are you maximising your content's lead generation potential for your F&B business?

Find out in significant details 3 important ways F&B businesses should be leverage content in order for successful, effective and profiting lead generation.

3. Marketing To Millennials: 5 Tips Every Local Entrepreneur Should Tap Onto For Great Business Success

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We’d think that Millennials’ behaviour are being greatly shaped by digital, having grown up in a world where every aspect of their interactivity is consociated with technology. However, marketers in every industry are realising that this generation is shaping and influencing digital instead. They are the ones driving digital today.

Businesses either work out the biggest trends that are shaping Millennials’ spending behavior; build their strategies smartly and quickly in alignment, or find their brand get increasingly disconnected with the retailing market in forthcoming years.

Social media is the heartbeat of marketing to millennials, but it’s not as simple as a static digital presence (Forbes, 2017)

Learn 5 millennial marketing tips in this article, to successfully target this highly-profitable demographic in Singapore.


4. Top Inbound Marketing Agencies In Singapore



While business consumers continue to reject traditional marketing strategies, they are ever more interested in gathering information to learn about your products and services before considering a sales purchase- all without all the pressure of a pushy, interruptive sales pitch.

In 2018, marketers will be investing more in inbound efforts, which tracks with the evolving nature of search engines, technology and the customer-centric world we live in today.

Inbound marketing, or “pull marketing,” has proven much more effective than traditional outbound, or “push marketing,” tactics.
In 2018, marketers are investing more in their inbound efforts, which tracks with the evolving nature of search engines, technology and the customer-centric world in which we now live (Brafton, 2018).

In this article, we bring you the top 5 most successful inbound marketing agencies in Singapore.


5. Why Do Most Companies In Singapore Struggle With Content Marketing

Struggling with digital marketing


Former SEO strategies that rely heavily on identifying “keywords” and popularity of their searches, are getting increasingly ineffective in drawing traffic- a trend observed, sending marketers all over Singapore into fluster and panic. Generating merely associative or relevant content is no longer enough to draw, impress or even reach an audience, much less the ability to convert them into consumers.

Hence, the emphasis on content marketing has never been more impelling or urging; if a business hopes to survive in this digital era and strategize ahead to combat competitors in increasingly competitive markets.

With updates in Facebook's and Google’s algorithms in 2017, content marketing has changed considerably. For instance, it's become harder to have content with clickbait titles show up on Google searches and Facebook feeds. This means that your content marketing, at both the strategic and execution levels, must adapt to those changes (Entrepreneur, 2018).

This article discusses why businesses in Singapore have been failing in their content marketing results, and offers a 4 step actionable guide on how they can turn around lead generation results effectively when implemented.




Just as 2017, in 2018 we are expecting many shifts in digital marketing, emerging technologies and new trends, in the world of online marketing nothing is constant.

It is hence important for businesses to pay attention to every change in the market, stay on top of these new strategies and adapt as quickly as possible.

The customers of 2018 demand a more integrated experience in every stage of the sales funnel, and businesses need to cleverly devise new approaches to gain more online visbility with ever-increasing competitors and new entrants to individual markets.

From online shopping to net banking to Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and chatbots, technology has smartly digitalized the ways in which any organization attracts and engages audiences. With so many emerging technologies in the market, digital marketers are becoming well aware of which platform and technology to leverage to get the most out of their marketing endeavours.

-Entrepreneur, 2018

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